Electronic Cinema

An electronic system of cinema programme control has been perfected by Associated British Picture Corporation. Il will be marketed by Pathé Equipment who claim that it can perform every task that is now being manually. The computer system, called Cinetronic, is controlled from a master panel which covers every aspect of the programme, from the simplest to the most complex operation in the cinema. It can start, stop and change projectors; alter the ratio of the screen; operate the lighting, and do everything, it seems, except sell ice-cream and hot dogs.

However, if the system is eventually introduced into cinemas and we move a step further into the age of computer control, there will still be a place for the human projectionist. The system can be switched over to manual control if necessary — and presumably it will always be necessary to have a live operator standing by in case the computer reacts against some of material running through it by going beserk…


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